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Biz Creations

Biz Creation
From humble beginning since 2005, Biz Creations (M) Sdn Bhd has grown into one of Malaysia’s leading Bumiputera company in the exhibition and event management field.

Headed by a team of people with more than 10 years of experience, we might be young, but we intend to stay around for some time, to take the industry to the next level.

Focusing on architecture designs, exhibition designs and fabrications, event promotions & management and graphics design, we have served various local and international government agencies, multinational corporations and organizations.


AOB International Group

AOB International Corporation Ltd (USA) was founded in an effort to bring expertly and naturally prepared tea-related products to our customers through advance biotechnological innovation, research and development with environmental friendly production. Its brands include Active Care Plus for its natural and organic botanical skin care products with teas and plants extracts while Active Pure for its healthy flower tea beverage products. Beyond just natural and organic,our products are selected for their distinctive qualities and values. Through tea-infusion and herbal caring products, the energy, beauty and benefit from the natural plants can always be touched by our hearts and souls; inspire our wisdom to explore the nature of our lives. We continually strengthen our innovation capability by actively forming knowledge based partnership with various international  R&D centers and universities

In Asia, AOB selected Malaysia as our main regional hub. Malaysia is a mega-diverse country; two-third of the country is forested and thanks to its rich natural resources and uniform climate throughout the year which make this country the best choice to farm and produce organic ingredients. Therefore in 2009, AOB decided to establish its first regional office in Kuala Lumpur (The capital city of Malaysia) with about 30 delegated employees. Furthermore, in 2010 our flower tea and skin care products successful obtained Halal certification from Malaysian Authority. AOB continues to invest, expand and empower our present in Asia with more exciting organic botanical skin and health care products.


Hong Leong Assurance Bhd

Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) - Good Feng Shui is proud to be associated with HLA Malaysia to provide our professional advice to further enhance the Feng Shui in its new signature office building located in Petaling Jaya City, along Federal Highway. Wishing HLA's business soars to greater heights with Good Feng Shui!


AIA - Good Feng Shui is proud to be associated with AIA Malaysia to provide our professional advice to enhance the Feng Shui in  its latest GenX Centre located in Penang. Wishing AIA's business soars to greater heights with Good Feng Shui!

Comacs Solidface

刻美石 Comacs Solidface, is a well established manufacturer of the state-of-the-art, industrial standard, Solid Surface boards for kitchen. cabinet top, floorings, doors, table, etc. Supplies to many famous and branded kitchen and office cabinet manufacturers, suppliers and OEM manufacturers.
Kenny Hoo also helped Comacs to design and re-brand the first-in-the-region Good Feng Shui design of 刻美石 Comacs Prestigius Series of products range.
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