Mrs Tan (Penang, Malaysia)

There are so much I want to thank Master Kenny Hoo for helping my husband and I to go through our difficult times and even experienced unexplained miracles.

All the while, both my husband and I had never believed in Fengshui as our lives had been smooth. We took good things for granted and believe that we should be enjoying smooth lives forever. However, in 2008, my husband's career started to face challenges, one after another, no matter how hard we tried to manage through, unfavourable incidents just happened out of the blue and went beyond control.

When all hardship spent in vain to continue leading a smooth life, we turned to Master Kenny Hoo for help. We were advised to build ShengJi and had our house calibrated to improve the Qi. Miracles did happen. For example, I experienced re-gaining an iPod even after a few days misplaced in a public spot. My husband also experienced a case in which after signing a tenancy agreement for an unsuitable place, before he revoked the tenancy agreement and causing rental deposit being forfeited, the landlord had his mind changed to keep the place untenanted, and thus no loss of deposit.

I still remember Master Kenny Hoo told me, "If you can predict what's going to happen in future, you can avoid when the bad comes and take opportunities when the good comes. So, fate is changeable." These words really give us confidence and courages to take up new challenges, as we have faith in Kenny's advices. Thank you Kenny!

Best regards,
Mrs. Tan (Penang, Malaysia)
Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 8:47 AM


CH Choong

This testimonial for Master Kenny Hoo should have been written ages ago..but it always get delayed due to other matters .Today ,after knowing my son obtained straight A’s in his PT3,I felt I really need to get down to writing this.

We  have known Master Kenny Hoo since our university days although we were from different universities.He was a friendly chap and very charismatic.We still keep in touch occasionally after graduating but less frequently as we were busy with our careers..Master Kenny slowly built up his reputation as a Feng shui master.

In 2012,we consulted him to read the bazi of our family of 5 out of curiosity.He was spot-on  our past experiences and every one’s behaviour/personality ,even to the tiny details which only close family members will know.

In mid -2013,we decided to consult him on our house fengshui .. because we were having trouble with one of our daugthers  who was getting very rebellious and there was bickering everyday.Tired of the daily arguments,we were hoping that fengshui  can help improve the relationship.She was the typical stubborn and hard-headed teenager.

After doing the simple  renovation like Master Kenny  suggested,there was sudden improvement in her behaviour.Gone were the shouting matches we used to have.Although she was still stubborn ,but at least she developed a better relationship(though not perfect) with her siblings and us.

Master Kenny Hoo also teach us how to boost study luck each year and so far it has worked really well for our kids who has scored straight A’s in major examinations.This is especially so for my son,who is just an average student.Of course,the kids need to work hard as well.

After calibrating the FS for our house,he would always asked whether our wealth has been boosted.I would answer “No” and he will be surprised.As we were actually having a rather stable income and  didn’t actually think of using fengshui to boost wealth,we didn’t think much about it.

In early -2014,Master Kenny paid us a visit as he was in town for a bank talk.Again,he asked about the improvement in our wealth/business..again my answer was “No”.We brought him home and the first thing he told me was “You have to remove the plant in front the water feature.It’s absorbing all the good chi!”We did as was told .

The following week later,a miracle happened.My husband got to invest in a very good investment company  with monthly returns overtaking our business income.One thing led to another and he was  introduced to few investment/shares that gave extremely good returns.He even spread his good chi to his group of friends and  many of them  really prospered

Now we can have the dream to retire early.Thank you to Master Kenny Hoo.


CH Choong,


Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 12:13 AM



Dear Kenny,

In 2009, it was our honour to be able to engage your professional services for our new apartment’s renovation planning. This decision benefited us tremendously which led to an escalating success for my husband and I. Whether it is our studies, or careers, there is always room for improvement. In 2012, we thought that it was time for us to have our very own bundle of joy. You advised us to add some additional colours in our master bedroom to boost baby luck and to increase the probability of conception. Truly, I was pregnant after a few months later. Due to my personal medical complication, the doctor said that having a cesarean delivery would be more beneficial for me. Despite your advise to me to have a natural birth, you stayed by my side and helped me. You selected good cesarean date and an auspicious chinese name for my baby.

In 2014, we even had the ability to purchase a under construction three and the half storeys of super link house.

Regardless of our marriage, acquiring of our house, studies, careers, pregnancy, and even upgrading to another house, we achieved good milestones. Master Kenny, you hold a very special position in our life, a good teacher and a valuable friend, and for that, you are irreplaceable.

In 2010, I had arranged for my family to meet you and engage your goodfengshui services for my father. Many years ago, my father’s work had deteriorated due to an economy downfall. Now, we were able to save an immense amount of money, have better lifestyle, able to have a family trip in overseas every year ever since putting your advices.

In 2014, my parents were once again able to buy a new house, an even bigger and more comfortable house. They are happier and fulfil their dreams to possess their own house. My sisters and brothers aspired and pursued after their goals and hopes. My second younger sister is pursuing further study, my youngest sister is going to become a dentist, and my younger brother is intelligent and kind. Your “Lifepath Management” allowed us to understand our life path, take control of our actions. Good Feng Shui had allowed our entire family to live peacefully and happily. Master Kenny, you have our eternal gratitude, thank you very much!

Elly and Family


在2009年,有幸认识了你并给你看我们新公寓的风水后,我和我的丈夫事事都很顺利。无论是在学业或事业上都更上一层楼, 并考上准估价师 / IR./ GBIF。在2012年,当我们享受够了二人世界的时光而觉得是时候要我们的爱情结晶品时你说我们可以在主人房多加某颜色可以催旺孩子运和提高受孕机会。在2013年,我们家的宝贝儿子出世了。由于自身健康限制,医生说剖腹产对我比较有利可降低2。5倍的风险,虽然你鼓励自然产,但是你还是帮助了我,选了一个好日子顺利剖腹产下我们的孩子并给他取了非常好的名字。


从结婚,买房子,学业, 事业, 怀孕,到升级再买房子。。。 我们的目标都一一达成。 Master Kenny你在我们的生命里一直都扮演着很有重量的地位,很好的老师更像是朋友,没有架子。


在2014年,更让我们的父母可以再次拥有自己的房子,买下更大更舒适的安乐窝,了了父母的心愿。弟弟妹妹们都朝向他们的目标出发,二妹继续往上研修,小妹来日成牙医,弟弟聪明乖巧。你的Lifepath Management让我们更清楚认识自己,掌握自己的命运。好的风水让一家人平安幸福无虑。 Master Kenny我们对你感激不已,真非笔墨所能形容,谢谢您!

Elly 上



Hi Master Kenny Hoo,
First of all, I would like to say thank you for your services and we really appreciate it. I just want to say that your FENG SHUI is really cool and very accurate!!!
I been dream for pregnant so long and after your consultation, my dream came true!!!
Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend to my friends!!!
Wish you all the best!!!



Yian Yong


Dear Master Kenny,
I have always wanted to write you a testimonial for so long, pardon me for the delay.
I am not a believer in feng shui, but I got to know more about GFS tips when I read your articles on GFS published on the weekly Red Tomato newspaperfew years back. It turned me on when I read one of your articles about how destructive it can bring to the family if the ancestor's graveyard has been vandalized by someone intentionally.  My family encountered a similar case at that time as my late grandma's graveyard was vandalized a few times by someone purportedly. I quickly wrote to you for advice. I appreciate your views and time spent in replying my mails without any charges. Subsequently,  I learn more about your super impressive background and numerous awards received through your website and your resume shared. Later,when I bought a new condo and decided to renovate it, it was the first time we met and engaged your professional service. To be honest, I think it is really a fate that I found a truly reliable GFS master like you. My first impression is that, wow..we got the same surname! Undeniably, my favourilism then prevails. One of the ineteresting is i found that you adopt unique GFS techniques, scientific calculations, pay highest attention to safety elements which indeed are very practical and accurate!  I was newly wed that time and when asked will I have any children in the future, you said it is easy for me to conceive and not to worry about it. True enough, I was pregnant few months after that. Everything went smooth after putting your advices during the renovation although we have to sacrified our store room for the kitchen as the stove is referring as the "heart" of a house.
I truly appreciate your attentiveness and have gone extra miles to resolve my queries. You have unknowingly helped me make some of the best decisions in my life, including my career, our baby birth date and timing calculation, naming, etc etc. You are not just a FS expert, but also my life's teacher with an inspirational presence! You never failed to clear my doubts and provide concrete advices to enable me to make better decision. I may not say it out aloud, but you make a beautiful impact on my life without doubt. Thank you for being such a true idol.
Here's my warmest new year greetings, wishing you and your family a Happy  & Prosperous Goat Year, "羊羊"顺利 , Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Yian Yong
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