Feng Shui (風水) is based on the Chinese philosophies of Yin and Yang (陰陽理論),  the negative and positive forces, the Five Elements and the Trigrams (Gua).

Feng (meaning wind) Shui (water) principles actually originated from I-Ching (or Yi-Ching 易經), i.e. the "Book of Changes". It describes the relationships (corelativity concept) and harmonies amongst the heaven, earth and the mankind. Its concept is also supported by the modern physics sciences of Corelativity & Principle of Chaos.

In Chinese Feng Shui concepts, all the object (be it tangible or intangible) or energy (E) as well as the landscapes can be categorized into the Five Elements: namely Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Each of the elements has its Productive and Destructive effects to the other four elements. The interaction of these elements result into auspicious or inauspicious effects to the relevant mankind, family member and the environment.

A mastery Feng Shui practitioner MUST have a very strong knowledge in traditional Feng Shui and Yi-Jing (The Book of Changes) theories. Without in-depth knowledge of Yi-Jing, one cannot  fully understand Feng Shui because the best Feng Shui effects are actually derived from the highest level of Yi-Jing!

Over the past many years, Master Kenny Hoo (許鴻方) has been promoting the Chinese Culture as "Digital, Binarycoded & Multi-dimensional"

The Chinese culture as a whole is based on the principles of cosmology and philosophy, derived from an ancient book of wisdoms called "Yi-Jing" , i.e. "易經 - The Book of Changes".

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and a way of life. Feng Shui is used to achieve a better quality of life. From the aspect of Feng Shui, achieving a "better quality of life" is to promote a healthier, happier and wealthier life.

Yi-Jing is an accumulation of wisdoms since more than 5,000 years ago. The Chinese medicine, thought, language, characters, science and art as a whole are derived from the principles of Yi-Jing.

Yi-Jing interprets the interaction amongst human, heavenly luck, earthly luck, space and time factors. The ancient Chinese wisdoms parameterized the time factor into two parameters, i.e. the "Heavenly Stem" and "Earthly Branch". It is actually a functional coordination process that quantifies time, space and event factors. The quantification of time, space and event factors brought into a very unique culture that further developed into various unique "Chinese Systems".

Therefore, Good Feng Shui often terms that Chinese Culture is "multi-dimensional" and "digital" because of its "Yin-Yang" or Binarycoded concept. Due to these natures, it is rather easy to computerize the unique Chinese systems for the research & studies of Geomantic (Yi-Jing & Feng Shui), astronomy & astrology.



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