[ARCHIVED] Good Feng Shui 2009

"How will be the Feng Shui in 2009?"

In 2009, there will be lots of challenges especially in the first 7 months. However, from the year's BaZi analysis, I tend to believe this is a year that can be termed as a "TRANSITIONAL YEAR". As this will be the year that brings us to another level of lifestyle and level. To be higher or lower? All depends on your personal Lifepath Management... This will be the year that changes many lives throughout the world...
Be more positive as when we understand clearer about the road ahead, we are able to drive more carefully and everything shall be fine...

Worries won't help... A POSITIVE mind at least helps us to see the road ahead clearer.

2009 Good Feng Shui Predictions

There are lots of 2009 Good Feng Shui predictions by Master Kenny Hoo, in a special article published by the famous magazine, Hao Wai Special Weekly, or visit:  http://www.goodfengshui.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=94%3Ahao-wai-418&catid=46%3Aarticles&Itemid=139&lang=engfs-2009-world-map_flystar

The recent outbreak of Swine (A H1N1) flu, started from North America was predicted precisely by Master Kenny Hoo in many of his talks since November 2008, as well as publised in the above mentioned article. This is because the number Two Sickness Star is located at the North America in 2009. We foresee a lot more challenges especially the outbreak of contagious diseases to be experienced in this particular region. Better finance and economy status may only be seen after entering early August 2009.

Besides that, we also need to be extra careful in our daily life as there will be more frequent fire or burning and flood cases in 2009.

2009 is a Transitional year, regardless we like it or not, we need to re-position, re-plan and re-brand our life-style, business and the way of life.

As predicted by Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui, in April 2009, we can expect a lot more positive trends especially in the world economy or sharemarket performance. However, from May to July 2009, we should be more conservative and to have better planning financially as there could be more challenges. 

Due to the arrival of the number Three fighting and argument Flying Star, the Northeast region, including Japan, North and South Korea, will experience lots of relationship tensions in 2009. We hope the situation will not turn worse especially in month around early June to early August 2009. Any possible arm-force tension especially from North Korea may worsen the world economy.

The Tibetan issues may contiune to create lots of pressure and tensions in China. It requires more intelligent way of management in such issues espcially from June to early August 2009. However, China will continue to play a more important role in the world's economy recovery route. Financially and economily, Taiwan will benefit more from this era especially after August 2009.

in 2009, due to the influence from the most inauspicious number Five Flying Star, we will see there will be lots of unhappy events keep occuring in European countries. If you are living in Europe, you should be more patient and be cool. Many things will become more stable after the 3rd of February 2010. 

In Southeast Asia, especial Malaysia, can be considered luckier in 2009 as the auspicious number Eight Flying Star reaches this region. We hope for a moderate economy softer-landing in 2009, despite lots of negative news since October 2008. Since the auspicious number Nine Flying Star is located at the Center house, we should continue to have lots of good news or economy stimulus being announced or worked out amongst various countries.

More of the above shall be elaborated in my English Radio interview on 1-1-2009 @ 11am Malaysia time (GMT +8). For listeners in Kuala Lumpur, can tune to Radio TraxxFM, FM 100.1MHz. Others in any part of the world, can listen to the e-Radio at http://www.traxxfm.net/.

Special Good Feng Shui interview by Chan Fong ! (Language: Cantonese)
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Let's equip ourselves to welcome an interesting year of 2009!

Not just Feng Shui, wishing you a
very GOOD FENG SHUI Year in 2009!



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