Many of us must have heard of the saying “Life is like a box of chocolates”. 

It simply points to the fact that you will only know what the chocolate tastes like (sweet or bitter) after biting into it. If it turns out to be bitter, what then?

In the business arena, an excellent business plan may not translate into the expected results, simply because there could be many other factors, including those not within your control, that can and will affect the outcomes. Similarly, working hard alone does not guarantee any good result in business. Some may relate this to their “luck”, or the lack of it.

It is believed that the success of your business depends on three major factors, i.e. Born-Luck (determined by one’s birth code, reflects one’s born nature or character), effort or knowledge, and the After-Born-Luck (depends on the then time and space factors). If you are having positive Lifepath cycle (Born-Luck), you are already contributing 40% towards the success of your business. Putting in effort contributes another 30%, while After-Born-Luck contributes the remaining 30%.

Unfortunately, neither Born-Luck nor the After-Born Luck is controllable. This is especially so with the After-Born-Luck, which is sometimes quite volatile for some individuals and thus, can cause lots of uncertainty in their lives and business dealings. Nevertheless, After-Born Luck could be, in some way or another, substituted or boosted by good Feng Shui that acts as a “supplement” or "Business Booster" in achieving a smoother Lifepath.

A good or masterly Feng Shui master shall be able to help you understand your Lifepath clearly and thus, to “do the right-thing at the right-time”. We are unable to change our Born-Luck but once you understand your Lifepath better, you can handle your life in a more effective and efficient way e.g. to be aggressive or conservative in handling a matter during a particular time.  This is in fact the art and philosophy of "Lifepath Management", which has been promoted by Good Feng Shui since the past many years.

By doing Lifepath Management wisely, you can leverage life’s opportunities and minimize risks in life.

Hard work and effort are within your command but luck is something beyond your control. You either have it or you don’t. Without any luck, you tend to find all your hard work going to waste, producing poor or not desirable results. No matter how much more effort you put in, a luckless person may find things still not working in sync. An unlucky businessman, despite the best technology and capabilities he employs, will not make great strides in achievements.

If you are down on your luck, you can improve your situation through good Feng Shui effects. With the good Feng Shui arrangements and subsequently produced positive effects, they can help align opportunities to a smoother path of doing and making things work.

There are cases where the business fundamental requirements such as good planning, networking, knowledge, strong capital backup, etc are present. However, the business was still unsuccessful. Many may seek for help through religion or other “powers-to-be” to ease their unfavourable situation and hope to gain some additional enlightenment from God. When one has to come to this stage, and there are still no solutions in sight, Feng Shui seems to be a very good alternative.

Some may mistakenly think that Feng Shui is something related to religion or superstition and thus, have never given a second thought about it. This may cost them to lose a good opportunity to change for good. Unlike “commercialised” Feng Shui that floods the market place in recent years, any authentic, traditional Feng Shui method shall not involve religion, talisman or statue. It’s the scientific way of managing Qi that ultimately aligns all the relevant factors to be in sync.

For those who have been doing well in business, Feng Shui actually acts as a “Business Booster”, to further enhance the output from their existing manpower, hardware and software. This is especially so for businesses that have reached a plateau, i.e. no further improvements can be attained. In these cases, Feng Shui can play an important role in turning the business around, without or with lesser additional, new tangible investments.

Feng Shui helps you understand the Qi around you and leads you to a smoother course of achieving harmony, completeness, and success. Feng Shui is a helpful guide for entrepreneurs to do the right thing at the right time, to attain greater success in their businesses.

Lifepath Management through Good Feng Shui helps to create a better working atmosphere or environment - helps to harmonize relationships amongst the staff in the company and improve on teamwork.

It also helps business people to leverage on opportunities and minimize risks.

Written & All Rights Reserved by ® by Kenny Hoo of GOOD FENG SHUI® Geomantic Research,