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(Relevant names and photos were intentionally omitted due to privacy issues) I am writing this to express me and my sister’s greatest gratitude to Master Kenny Hoo from Good Feng Shui for taking his precious time and being sincere and patient to help me in resolving my woes involving my sister marital problem. I was heavily pregnant at 36 weeks when I called Master Kenny to tell him about how I and my sister caught my sister’s husband on bed having an affair or to be specifically making out on bed with another woman in their own house! The event…
The Fella is FENG SHUI too ! Computer and Feng Shui? What a funny new and old combination? When Ettrix Solutions Sdn Bhd ( comes to mind, many would have big light bulbs of “IT’ flashing in their minds and that is exactly the field that they deal in. The company is headed by Mr. Daniel Ho, a young and dynamic entrepreneur who graduated from UK. Having had a vast experience in the computer support and services industry, his expertise in back-up and networking solutions is highly honed and not easily matched. After all, salvaging data from damaged hard drives…
Bring Out the Experts in You... FromMainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong to Singapore, it is believed that about 80% of successful businesses apply Feng Shui to boost business performances. Most people may think that Feng Shui is only implemented by the traditional, older generations, especially conservative "Chinaman" companies in South-East Asia. In fact nowadays, Feng Shui is widely implemented even by many high-tech, young and dynamic companies. One such example that we would like to share in this column is REDYNAMICS ASIA Sdn Bhd ( Redynamics Asia is a team of dynamic and technologically-futuristic young blood, headed by Mr. Raymond…

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