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Please click on this link to listen to the podcast: On the eve of Chinese New Year, we peek at our collective horoscopes and zodiac signs to see what the year might have in store. Post-2020, the Ox is under a lot of pressure to deliver some good news. How will businesses fare? When is a good time to make investments? And is 2021 the right time for a career switch? We talk to experts and have some fun on this year’s Chinese Zodiac Special. Produced by: Arvindh Yuvaraj Presented by: Audrey Raj and Freda Liu
01-Nov-2019 @ 09:30 A very intetesting topic, in conjunction with Halloween, BFM's Keith Kam speaks to practitioners trained in the art of cleansing stigmatized properties or real estate which have a "spooky" reputation to discuss the rituals and considerations that goes into these homes. Master Kenny Hoo 好風水許鸿方 was interviewed by Keith Kam of Radio BFM. (CLICK THE BELOW LINK for your listening pleasure:)…/the-…/tps-sanitizing-some-spooky-stays… [] #bomoh #ghost #haunted #home #witch #witchdoctor #Property #RealEstate, #Construction #HauntedHouse #FengShui #SpaceCleaning #GoodQi #YinQi #YangQi #goodfengshui
《华为之"鸿蒙"暗藏玄机!》《Huawei's new OS name "Hongmeng" with secretive significance!》"鸿蒙" 两字里原来暗藏玄机! !且听好风水许鸿方老师娓娓道来个中因由!Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui elaborates the "secretive" meaning and significance behind the new, unique name of smartphone OS by Huaiwei, "Hongmeng".It is not just another name simply picked or created by Huawei. It actually carries great, revolutionary message and vision, for a better world, for all!~ Specially compiled and delivered by Master Kenny Hoo 好风水许鸿方 @ Radio BFM (2019 June 14):[]#BFM #RadioBFM #BFM商业电台#华为 #HUAWEI #鸿蒙 #Hongmeng#NewSmartphoneOS#Android #ByeByeAndroid #2019#Compatibility#UndocumentedSmartphoneOS#OpenSource#TransformationOfNewWorldOrder#GoodFengShui#好風水 #好风水 #许鸿方 #KennyHoo 更多资料可浏览 ,www.好风水.com email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 欲知更多,请浏览
This edition of the Property Show takes a look at what is in store for the coming Year of the Boar, as well as a feng shui recap of what the Year of the Dog brought. Presented by: Keith Kam Link:
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Radio 988 talented DJ Wei Zhen 玮珍 interviews Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui (Mandarin language). This is a very special program that was broadcasted on the 10th, 17th and 24th of March 2007. The interview covers a brief history of Kenny Hoo from his childhood, primary, secondary school, varsity time, working and marriage life, and his family and children. Lots of interesting viewpoints, tips and secret were unveiled. Please click the below links to follow this special interview to understand more about Master Kenny Hoo: 01) Chapter One 02) Chapter Two 03) Chapter Three 04) Chapter Four 05)…
Chan Fong ( interviews Kenny Hoo on 2009 Good Feng Shui science, Lifepath, Predictions & Remedies (Cantonese). Don't miss this slot of very interesting and informative audio interview! FREE registration! Click this link now:

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