Wondering What 2018 Year Of The Dog Holds, Especially For Women?

Have you ever had days where you feel like nothing is going right? Well, I’m sure everyone felt like that on some days. But what if I tell you that there is a way for you to reduce the chances of feeling like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

Yes, there is a practice you can put in place in your daily life based on a centuries-old knowledge system that can help you to organise all the good energy in your life, while also pushing away bad energy, thus helping you in all of your endeavors in life. This source of knowledge accumulated since the start of the Chinese civilization is the world-famous Feng Shui.

But what is Feng Shui actually? In literal translation, the word Feng Shui means ‘Wind-Water’. But in popular terms, it is the ancient Chinese practice that assures ‘harmonization’ of people and the good energy surrounding them.

You see, practitioners of Feng Shui believes that everything around us is made up of energy. But if not utilized right, someone might invite more bad energy than good energy.

That is why you might recall someone you know who is constantly hit with one mishap after another while another person appears to walk through life relatively unscathed.

This is where Feng Shui comes in. With the correct utilization and arrangement of things around us, Feng Shui masters believe that we can essentially invite good energy, and reject bad energy, which in turn, will invite good fortune, good health, and allows someone to prosper.

The ancient Chinese practoce of Feng Shui believed to been around since 4000 B.C. is embraced by some of the most successful people of all time.

And due to this, the practice of Feng Shui is a very popular not only in Malaysia and throughout Asia, but it has become a phenomenon worldwide. Some famous celebrities known to embrace the practice of Feng Shui include world famous actor Johnny Depp, fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger, and singer Madonna, not to mention business moguls like Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Along with inviting good energy to our lives, the knowledge of Feng Shui principles also allows its’ masters to make forecasts of an upcoming year, so that we can plan our lives accordingly.

So to find out what is in store for 2018, we decided to speak to Master Kenny Hoo, who is the founder and chief researcher of GOOD FENG SHUI® Geomantic Research, a research-based company that provides professional Feng Shui (Geomantic science) research, authoring, seminars and consultation services for domestic homes, business, factory, hotels & resorts, township, property development & ancestral graveyard locations.

But first, before we get into what 2018 has in store, Kenny wanted first and foremost to correct a common misconception regarding Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Is Not A Religious Belief

“Some people believe that Feng Shui is a religious teaching because some (Feng Shui) masters mix in their own religious beliefs with their practice as well.

“So we have some people like Muslims, Christians, and even Buddhists getting this misunderstanding that they cannot practice Feng Shui, because they are afraid that it might be against their religion,” said Kenny.

But, Kenny stressed that the truth is far from that.

“In terms of implementation, that is not true. Feng Shui is all about time, space, and direction matching to someone’s birth date and time of birth,” explained Kenny.

Kenny further elaborated lthat some of the misconceptions around Feng Shui comes from the fact that Feng Shui can be used for divination as well.

“Some people have the perception that Feng Shui can tell the future like those old ‘soothsayers’. This is not true.

"What Feng Shui can do is actually give a forecast of what can happen in the upcoming year.

“It’s like how you have the weather forecast. Now we have theweather forecast so that people can know what to expect, and how to prepare for it. Just like how the weather forecast uses data to predict the coming weather, Feng Shui uses data and calculations to forecast the coming year,” Kenny used this analogy to help our readers understanding in layanan terms.

Kenny also said that Feng Shui doesn’t aim to tell the future, but it’s a source of knowledge to help people prepare for what might happen.

“It’s just like how when you’re driving, we use Waze (navigation app) to help tell us which roads will be jammed, which roads will be clear, and which road will be the fastest right?

“This similar idea can be applied to Feng Shui in terms of lifestyle analysis and lifestyle management,” Kenny explained.

But how exactly does Feng Shui manage to forecast the future?

Your Chinese zodiac sign and your birth feng shui element can help understand your energy, as well as create a better, more successful environment for yourself. Filepic: Getty Images

Kenny explained that it’s due to the unique makeup of someone’s body.

“When someone is born in different times like the summer, winter, or anything there will be a unique mix of elements in their body. This mixture of elements will react differently to different time, different year.

“The reason why different time and year affects the elements is that because there will be a combination of different forces, like the moon, the sun, and from different planets that will influence them in terms of their body conditions, their relationship, their career, and impacting every respect of their life.

“So by calculating this, we can forecast when someone will change their jobs, when they will have problems with their girlfriend, all this can be predicted. So, when things are predictable, it should be manageable. It should be changeable,” Kenny points out.

This year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar was the year of the Fire Rooster which will end its cycle once Chinese New Year rolls around next year The coming year on the other hand, will be the year of the Earth Dog.

So what does the coming year holds for us?

Some Business Will Prosper, Some Will Suffer In 2018

Kenny believes that it is the right time to buy property, up to October 2018

Kenny says that some elements, will prosper in 2018, due to it being the year of the Earth Dog. These elements are water, metal, and also the earth element.

“So using this, we can predict that the water element related industries will do very well in 2018. Industries that are related with the water elements are industries that has to do with moving and flowing around, such as the logistics industry and the e-commerce industry will do very well in the coming year,” said Kenny.

Kenny also added that businesses such as PosLaju, courier services will do extremely well, and the year 2018 will bring a better transformation to these industries.

Kenny also added that along with that, travel agencies and tourism will also flourish, thanks to the water element’s affinity with the coming year.

Other than water related industries, metal related industries are also expected to do well in the coming year.

“Metal related industries such as banking, finance, insurance, and professions that has to do with public speaking like lawyers, speakers, trainers, will also prosper this year,” said Kenny.

2017 was the year where the property market plunged, as there was an over supply of property, causing prices to drop.

But according to Kenny, 2018 will be the year where the property market stabilizes itself.

“The year of the Earth Dog will also mean flourishing business for those with the earth element, such as property. Around October, the earth related industries will start doing better,” said Kenny.

Kenny addef that for those looking to buy property next year, they better do it before October 2018, as the prices will start stabilizing and rise higher then.

While some industries have the odds in their favour to flourish in 2018, some industries will also face more pressure. According to Kenny, the industries that will need to prepare for a more challenging business enviroment are the industries that are related to the fire element.

“One of these is the petrol industry. Petrol will still face a lot of trouble in the coming year, and I don’t think that it’s price will surge that high. The rise in prominence of other energy source such as renewable energy will also affect petrol prices,” Kenny advised.

While we have the big picture on how the coming year will affect industry and businesses, what does he think 2018 will hold on the personal level, which I am our readers are keen to find out.

2017 is now quickly becoming famous for the rise of women and the prominence of the feminist movement, which made us wonder, what is in store for women in 2018?


What’s In Store For The Ladies In 2018?

Well, to all our female readers currently perusing this article, according to Kenny, 2018 will be a mixed bag.

“2018 will be less favorable for women, especially for the women in power as they will face some pressure. For example the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May and the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel,” said Kenny.

Kenny also added that in 2018, one particular aspect that women needs to take care of is their health.

“In 2018, women needs to take care of their health, especially in terms of their digestive health, and their reproductive health.

“This is especially true in the months of March, September and December. During these months, women needs to take care of their health in all undertakings,” he suggests.

When it comes to their lovelife and relationships, women will also face mixed prospects in the coming year.

“In lovelife and relationships, it actually depends on their zodiac year they were born in [based on the Chinese lunar calendar]. Two signs that stand out are women who were born under the year of the rooster, and the year of the rabbit.

“For example women who were born in the year of the rooster, will face a lot of problems and challenges in their relationship.

“But for those who were born in the year of the rabbit, they will be experiencing a lot more love. So women born in the year of the rabbit who are still single can look forward to their lovelife next year,” explained Kenny.

Other animal signs that will do quite well in terms of relationship in 2018 are women who were born in the year of the snake and the year of the pig, according to Kenny.

And that wraps things up for what ladies can look forward to in the year 2018, in terms of lovelife and relationships.

But how about financially? Is it the right year for ladies to make investments, or perhaps pursue a new career?

According to Kenny, 2018 will prove to be a very strong financial year for some women.

“For ladies who were born under the sign of the Ox, 2018 will be very strong financially for them. They will enjoy great wealth this year.

“Generally, those who were born under the sign of the Ox will be having a good financial year, but it is even stronger for the female gender.

“Other signs that will also enjoy financial wealth in 2018 are those born under the year of the Snake, and the Pig,” Kenny added.

But Kenny also said that for the rest, the year 2018 will be only average for them, and perhaps they should think twice before making major financial moves.

Finally, Kenny had a piece of advice for all the ladies in Malaysia, in facing 2018.

“In preparing for 2018, there is one thing that all ladies can do to help them," Kenny suggest that they should include more of the color he describes as a "Pinkish-Brown" which he elaborated as being the 'Heart Wood' colour.

For many Chinese, that means welcoming in the Chinese New Year which falls on 16 February next year by wearing auspicious colours according to their animal sign.

“2018 is generally not very favourable to the ladies, so they need everything to help them and enhance their luck. The color Pinkish Brown or Heart Wood is a mixture of the elements fire and earth, which can help achieve a balanced state in all fields and undertaking.

“So in 2018 women are encouraged to use more Pinkish-Brown clothing or accessories that can boost and enhance someone’s lovelife, career and health. In fact, I will recommend to paint a featured wall in the centre of your house with this colour, as this will help boost your luck.

And that’s what Kenny Hoo thinks 2018 will bring. Perhaps with his advice and remarks, everyone can make 2018 a more prosperous and auspicious year.

Let’s face 2018 with optimism, and also continue giving it our all!







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