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Menurut Pakar Feng Shui, Kenny Hoo, tahun naga dengan elemen kayu pada tahun ini turut membawa tuah dan peluang luar biasa khususnya bagi mereka yang dilahirkan dalam tahun babi. #AWANInews Source:
龍-TERM INVESTMENTS FOR THE DRAGON YEAR Master Kenny Hoo, Founder and Chief Researcher, Good Feng Shui Geomantics It is Chinese New Year time again. In this special episode, Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui Geomantics shares his insights from a feng shui perspective on what the Year of the Dragon may have in store for the different zodiac signs. Ringgit & Sense was powered by Sun Life Malaysia. Life is brighter under the sun. Image credit: Produced by: Keith Kam Presented by: Keith Kam Source:
Embrace change and new beginnings as we delve into the transformative energy of the new year with Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research. Source:
YEAR OF DRAGON SPIRITS FOR PROPERTY Master Kenny Hoo, Founder and Chief Researcher, Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research As the rabbit hops away, now it's time for the dragon to shine. What's in store for the property sector in this Year of the Wood Dragon? Master Kenny Hoo, Founder and Chief Researcher, Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research will be sharing his outlook and predictions on how to beter navigate the year ahead. Image credit: Produced by: Chin Wai Lun Presented by: Chin Wai Lun Source:
This year we’ll say goodbye to the fierce and ferocious tiger and wave hello to the cautious and peace-loving rabbit. The rabbit has long been a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture and with the global economy in the doldrums and political tensions still running high, will the rabbit bring much needed calm and tranquility? Master Kenny of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research shares some insights and advice on how you can enhance your luck this year. Produced by: Sim Wie Boon Presented by: Sim Wie Boon Source:
俗话说:“一年之计在于春,一日之计在于晨”,不少朋友希望通过学习风水命理及知识趋吉避凶,开创先机。 在生肖命理的说法里,2022年为农历「壬寅水虎年」,好风水也把2022称为《明亮年 The Brighter Year》。 究竟各行各业的经济走势是否会好转?有意投资理财的朋友,可以到哪个领域寻找潜力股呢? 主持:Wayne 运祥 & Chasie 馨莹嘉宾:Master Kenny Hoo 许鸿方大师 (好风水堪舆研究机构创办人)
Radio BFM CNY special program interviews Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui Group We have now moved into the Year of the Tiger from one that we had expected to be Ox-picious. What will it be like this time around? Will it paws-perous for the property sector? Will we see business come roaring back from the ravages of the pandemic the past two years? Image credit: Produced by: Keith Kam Presented by: Keith Kam @ 立春日 Begin of Spring #2022ThePropertyShow #KeithKam #MasterKennyHoo #好風水許鴻方 #goodfengshui
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