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FromMainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong to Singapore, it is believed that about 80% of successful businesses apply Feng Shui to boost business performances.

Most people may think that Feng Shui is only implemented by the traditional, older generations, especially conservative "Chinaman" companies in South-East Asia. In fact nowadays, Feng Shui is widely implemented even by many high-tech, young and dynamic companies. One such example that we would like to share in this column is REDYNAMICS ASIA Sdn Bhd (

Redynamics Asia is a team of dynamic and technologically-futuristic young blood, headed by Mr. Raymond Chou, its company Director. Its core businesses include IT Solutions, IT Training & Certification, and Resources Provision.

Mr Raymond Chou, Director of Redynamics Asia, another happy customer of Good Feng ShuiWe had this good opportunity to meet with Raymond Chou, to share his experiences on Good Feng Shui. According to Raymond, "Before I consulted Good Feng Shui, I was a firm believer that only hard work was the key answer to achieving any goals in life and in business. How could something like Feng Shui, and understanding of the Yin and the Yang, help me get more business or help me achieve my goals? Especially after watching some commercially-oriented television programmes that constantly recommends purchasing of statues, gems, and renovating houses and offices, I was a firm believer that all this was pure nonsense."

"I was introduced to Feng Shui by my mother-in-law but I was still a skeptic. When I met Kenny Hoo, he explained Good Feng Shui in a completely different way from what I watched on TV. I also met some of his clients and they shared how it had improved their life in many aspects", Raymond explained further.

After hearing what Good Feng Shui was all about, Raymond decided to give it a try. "I was utterly surprised. Kenny did not ask me to buy any statues, he did not ask me to buy any gems nor expensive talismans. He didn't even ask me to do any form of renovations! Yes, he did ask me to place some items at strategic places but those items cost me less than RM10! To be honest, after his consultation, I was quite surprised and kept on questioning him whether I needed to do any renovation or did I need to fire any employee, etc. His answer was a plain and simple ‘Not necessary.' I was still skeptical but was willing to give it a go."

When Good Feng Shui arrived at Redynamics's office for on-site Feng Shui audit, we analyzed the Lifepath of all the company's shareholders and its staff, for a customized Good Feng Shui arrangement.

Redynamics OLD company logo

Based on the shareholders' favourable elements, we also suggested to Redynamics some adjustments and amendments to be done on its logo, business card and branding. We discovered that the favorable element for the company is RED. Therefore we further suggested to Raymond to use red as the corporate color, especially in its logo.

Redynamics NEW company logo

All the seating of staffs were checked. Some easy-to-do methods were suggested with regards to the sectors of the premise where the negative Qi was. Besides that, we also identified the "sweet spots" where the monetary and business luck sectors were and activated them via the Good Feng Shui way - using water and lighting.

Looking back after the consultation, Raymond realized that the sales had increased. "In the six months immediately following the consultation, we experienced a boost of 30% in sales and we noticed that, surprisingly, some of the sales deals were smoother in general".

Raymond elaborates his experience happily, "In our industry, the low season is normally from November to February and business will only start picking up in April. This year (2007), we noticed that, on a month-by-month comparison, we experienced a figure of triple our production volume in March compared to last year!"

"In addition, with our new branding blended with Good Feng Shui ideas, we noticed that customers remember us more easily now. Customer loyalty has increased two-fold." Raymond says further, "This might sound crazy, but I had a colleague who used to fall sick at least once a month. Well, he didn't fall sick a single time after the Good Feng Shui consultancy. On top of that, we have just started a new business venture, and upon launching the product, the response was so promising that we managed to send out 17 quotations within three weeks!"

Redynamics crews,

Raymond is now planning to increase his staff force by another three to five employees based on the business demand

"My view about Feng Shui has completely turned around. I now believe that sometimes hard work is not everything. You still need some good Feng Shui to complement you. There is no harm in applying authentic Feng Shui because it does not involve any supernatural elements or powers-that-be that clashes with religion. Feng Shui is a good ‘Business Booster' I would most definitely recommend it to any business, especially young and growing ones. "

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