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Edward Ho

十一月 13, 2017
Dear Kenny, Thank you very much for your great help and after consult your good feng shui advise, things change for much better now. Since we move into this new office, business has growth. Thank you very much!

Chan SK

十一月 13, 2017
Hi Kenny, Just want to drop you a line to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you for your Good Feng Shui advice all these years. My hubby and I as well as my family have benefited tremendously from Good Feng Shui; we prosper in our career and business which enable us to live a better life. Also, I want to share with you that my mum told me that after your Good Feng Shui advice, her insomnia problem which she suffered for years had disappeared and now she can sleep soundly every night! Really, no word can describe…


十一月 13, 2017
Dear Kenny, I wasn't a feng shui enthusiast when I was doing major renovation for my then new house. Nevertheless, I engaged a feng shui master for renovation planning. There was a water feature pond in my plan and I was advised to do it at a spot which will only be valid for some years. As I was looking for a long term solution, my friend asked me to get another consultation and passed me contact of Master Kenny Hoo. Master Kenny's advise is on an once and for all basis and changed quite a fair bit in my…

Yian Yong

十一月 13, 2017
Dear Master Kenny, I have always wanted to write you a testimonial for so long, pardon me for the delay. I am not a believer in feng shui, but I got to know more about GFS tips when I read your articles on GFS publichsed on the weekly Red Tomato newspaper few years back. It turned me on when I read one of your articles about how destructive it can bring to the family if the ancestor's graveyard was vandalized a few times by someone purportedly. I quickly wrote to you for advice. I appreciate your views and time spent…


十一月 13, 2017
Hi Master Kenny Hoo First of all, I would like to say thank you for your services and we really appreciate it. I just want to say that your FENG SHUI is really cool and very accurate !!! I been dream for pregnant so long and after your consultation, my dream came true!! Thank you so much and I will definitely recommend to my friends !!! wish you all the best!! From, Daphne
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