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Peter Goh

十二月 22, 2017
Hi Master Kenny, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to You and Your Family ! Wishing You A Prosperous Year Ahead ! We wish to share our good news with u. My son passed his GCE 'O' Level and is able to enrol to the polytechnic and course that he wants. His course starts in mid April. Thanks again for your Good Feng Shui advice. Hopefully we would also have good news of my daughter's GCE 'A' Level results releasing in early March. Peter Goh (Singapore)

Chan Chee Wai

十二月 22, 2017
Master Kenny Hoo, I am glad to have co-incidently met you in MH Hotel, Ipoh this morning. You are still the very same Master that I knew 3 years ago and your prediction & bazi reading are as accurate as ever. Thank you so much for your advise & guidance. At least I know my direction for this year ahead. Chee Wai Chan 19-2-2013 Sunday at 9:46pm

Telekom Malaysia

十二月 22, 2017


十二月 22, 2017
I am writing this to express me and my sister’s greatest gratitude to Master Kenny Hoo from Good Feng Shui for taking his precious time and being sincere and patient to help me in resolving my woes involving my sister marital problem. I was heavily pregnant at 36 weeks when I called Master Kenny to tell him about how I and my sister caught my sister’s husband on bed having an affair or to be specifically making out on bed with another woman in their own house! The event happened in May 2013. My sister was married to the man…

Lee Khoi Chin

十二月 22, 2017


十二月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny, In 2009, it was our honour to be able to engage your professional services for our new apartment’s renovation planning. This decision benefited us tremendously which led to an escalating success for my husband and I. Whether it is our studies, or careers, there is always room for improvement. In 2012, we thought that it was time for us to have our very own bundle of joy. You advised us to add some additional colours in our master bedroom to boost baby luck and to increase the probability of conception. Truly, I was pregnant after a few months…

CH Choong

十二月 22, 2017
This testimonial for Master Kenny Hoo should have been written ages ago..but it always get delayed due to other matters .Today ,after knowing my son obtained straight A’s in his PT3,I felt I really need to get down to writing this. We have known Master Kenny Hoo since our university days although we were from different universities.He was a friendly chap and very charismatic.We still keep in touch occasionally after graduating but less frequently as we were busy with our careers..Master Kenny slowly built up his reputation as a Feng shui master. In 2012,we consulted him to read the bazi…

Mrs Tan (Penang, Malaysia)

十二月 22, 2017
There are so much I want to thank Master Kenny Hoo for helping my husband and I to go through our difficult times and even experienced unexplained miracles. All the while, both my husband and I had never believed in Fengshui as our lives had been smooth. We took good things for granted and believe that we should be enjoying smooth lives forever. However, in 2008, my husband's career started to face challenges, one after another, no matter how hard we tried to manage through, unfavourable incidents just happened out of the blue and went beyond control. When all hardship…

Vivian Torres (USA)

十二月 22, 2017
GREETINGS TO MASTER KENNY HOO FROM: Vivian, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Dear Master Hoo, Since 2015, searching for ways to improve my quality of life found Good Feng Shui. Channeling my good energy has been so important to me. Since then I been following all your recommendations and very gratefull for all your advised. Been positive in a moment that I thought will never continue living a normal life after founding a tumor in my head. Your support and encouragement has contribute to my recovery in a very special way. Recently you prepared for me a BA ZI reading been…


十一月 13, 2017
Really want to say a big TQ to u! After u taught me to activate my "relationship sector", within half a year i have found a boyfriend. And we are doing some planning now for our future. I am glad to meet u because yr way of feng shui has given me a different perspective of life. Tq sifu :) Swen

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