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Terence Hew

十二月 22, 2017
It has never been so nice, wonderful and great to know Kenny Hoo. Thank you for your fantastic Feng Shui on my house. With your Good Feng Shui, now I am successfully to become a spokesperson of Casio Digital Piano. Here i want to thank you for always being there, whenever i encountered some difficulties. I won't to forget you. Thanks to GOOD FENG SHUI!


十二月 22, 2017
我的推荐书 也许是我上一辈子做了太多的好事,所以我今世遇见了您,您不只是一位著名的风水大师,您还是我一位很好很好的顾问老师,你给了我很多宝贵的意见。 认识到您是我的福份,在这里我真的要忠诚的谢谢您(许鸿方大师),没有了您的风水指点及帮助,我真的不敢想像今时今日的我会是什么样子。我永远都不会忘记你的恩惠。 谢谢! 丘明翰上


十二月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, Happy New Year to you and family. Hope this is a better year for everyone. Your prediction is correct. We sold off the house in Cheras and avoided the property gains Tax. So it's 2 S & P transaction done in year 2009, as predicted by you. Anyway, we are looking for another house. Thanks and have a happy day.


十二月 22, 2017
Dear Kenny Your prediction and lifepath management is quite accurate. When I came to see you for the lifepath management in july 2009, i was told that i was "blessed" with a old wise men, in which Rabbit folks would be helping me. True enough, I just found out last week that an old uncle who was kind to me to help me in my financial situation turned out to be born under the rabbit sign! I did much travelling, as you have mentioned, and my finances were in better shape than 2008. I hope that this year of the…


十二月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, Your predictions and guidelines for me in 2009 were very "Chunn"! Many thanks! I would like to engage your service again. See you again soon!


十二月 22, 2017
Really want to say a big TQ to u! After u taught me to activate my "relationship sector", within half a year i have found a boyfriend. And we are doing some planning now for our future. I am glad to meet u because yr way of feng shui has given me a different perspective of life. Tq sifu :) Swen

Angeline Ho

十二月 22, 2017
嗨,Kenny, 我先生给你改了名后,觉得最近工作上很顺利,无论如何,我想向你说声谢谢您!

Michelle C.

十二月 22, 2017
FYI, in three weeks time, my fan club increase 700 members from 2000 when I met u. Its a 贵人 (Nobleman) help me. And I also diversify to start catwalk training class based on ur advice - education suits me. The response so far very good.

Steven Teh

十二月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, glad to see your Fan Page on FaceBook.com. I see you are very busy and hope we can have a talk soon. The last time we talked was 2008 and all your prediction came true, you said i will be moving which i did, i was posted to Shanghai for 7 months in 2009. I am looking forward to talk to u soon!

Koh YY

十二月 22, 2017
Kenny, forgot to tell u..since u help to change my name..it is really effective...i don't feel hv the feeling of " lacking, or not enough and greedy" that much ...since i use this name...it really works...u ar great!! n as what u hv predicted abt me..tat i won't feel happy at work this year...it oso so accurate...haha....u are really great ...but although i feel really not happy and want to change job..but i think i decided to stay till nxt year...

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