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Mr Hou Chih Yoong

二月 15, 2021

Debbie Xing

一月 14, 2019
Managed to get my hands on the Dulux prosperity bowls set. It is just in time that my place is being renovated. Initially my contractor could not get this from her regular paint suppliers and my own attempts to scout for them in paint shops that I know around the JB area ended in futile attempts too. In the end I had got to call the Dulux office in KL for assistance and a one Mr Ong provide me some leads to few shops. I am glad that I have gotten them now. I am moving to a newly renovated…

Vivian Torres

六月 05, 2018
Testimonial to be uploaded(Thanks):June 5, 2018. Dear Master Kenny Hoo, Sharing my experience with Good Feng Shui an advice that continues to help me to acquire more positive energy every day to gain better health and a positive Lifepath. An odyssey that started on May 28, 2017, when a tumor was discovered on the right side of my head that provoke a stroke. The surgery affected the entire left side of my body. As I continue to recovered from my illness now am able to walk slowly something I gave for granted. Having a positive Qi has made a difference…
Hi Kenny Hoo, We are glad to meet you and get your consultation since year 2007 until today. All things started improving and doing well. I need to say a Big Thank You to you from bottom of my heart. You are so kind and very professional master. You have save me and my family. With your fantastic feng shui help, We have no more doubts in your goodfengshui now!! Your goodfengshui has shown a lot of continuous Positive Qi. It's really amazing and unexplainable. Again appreciated your help very very much!! We strongly recommend his professional services to all…

Stanley (Malaysia)

十二月 22, 2017
Hi Kenny, Hey did u choose name for BB? And we would probably engage u for the Yin Feng Shui for my parent in law.. They are both 70++ and plan to be buried at Homwe town Bidor.. So, can u explain when/how can we arrange to invite you to go Bidor? Another great news for u, remember we met during the CNY Luncheon meeting at TTDI, u told us our baby boy will carry wealth to us once he born, its really true! We “kena magnum 1st prize” of his birth time 0930,which we found actually it is oso…
In 2006 I engaged Good Feng Shui to help improve the feng shui in my house and my office. I was struggling a bit to grow my business prior to this and was looking for solutions. After Kenny did his consultation and gave us some sound advice, my business grew steadily. Over the last two years my business grew by more than 50% and we are expecting further growth this year. We also won the first international award for Navigation system in Malaysia. Kenny also predicted that my wife would conceive our son. Thanks again to Kenny for his advise.…
[ Good Newssss :D ] Hi Kenny, How are you? We juz back from check up again. I'm on my 18weeks plus and Doctor can see its a boy! :) I rmber tat day u came n said the other room we put many things is for Elder "Son", I was wanted to ask u , is it confirm a son (not a girl) ? Kekekekekeke, now we seems can confirm 80% oredy . Thanks Again, would like to check with u if u having the service of choose name for Baby? I duno where can I find Sifu for…
Hi Kenny, After eight months observing your Good Feng Shui consultation done to my house, I found changes in my whole family's life. I encountered less obstacles in my career. As you predicted, my wife just started her new business, my daughter's health become better than before. I am glad to meet you and get your consultation because you are so professional and helpful. Thank you very much ! Wong ( Kuantan ) 20-Oct-2008
Dear Kenny Thanks for your guidance and your persistency to encourage my wife and myself to try another baby which according to you will be a boy. On 16 August 2008 my wife finally delivered a baby boy and I remember very well when you keep pestering me to find out sex of the baby. When it was confirmed, Nelson and you were so happy for me that day during our trip to Ipoh. I will remember that day for the rest of my life. Too bad I can't join you guys all the way to Sungai Petani that day.
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